686 clothing meaning

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We thought that was a nifty idea, but not something we would probably use. Weather changes pretty fast here, so we always keep a shell with us.

686 clothing meaning

As the number of shots fired goes into the five digits, the receiver will still lock up positively: No shell can handle the heat build up of touring, even the most breathable waterproof membranes can not manage the water vapor created by sweating on the uphill. What we were most impressed with on the Multi, was the fit and small details.

686 clothing meaning

686 clothing meaning

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  1. Customers usually buy a ski or snowboard specific jacket often heavier materials and then a rain jacket. We had a chance to test it out in Colorado during some backcountry splitboarding as well as rain and casual use.

    This gives the receiver vault-like locking strength while keeping the profile considerably lower.

    We find the best way to deal with this is open the vents to the max and try to get that humidity out. We like the basic function of the Multi, it just works.

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