A chemist

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Due to the historic nature of the operations at the property, the submission of the Site profile would then draw the landowner into the Contaminated Sites process. There are several branches of chemistry in which you can choose to specialize, including analytical, organic, inorganic, medicinal, physical, theoretical and materials chemistry.

A chemist

Those Chemists who hold a bachelor's degree are most commonly involved in positions related to either research assistance working under the guidance of senior chemists in a research-oriented activity , or, alternatively, they may work on distinct chemistry-related aspects of a business, organization or enterprise including aspects that involve quality control, quality assurance, manufacturing, production, formulation, inspection, method validation, visitation for troubleshooting of chemistry-related instruments, regulatory affairs , "on-demand" technical services, chemical analysis for non-research purposes e. There are even those involved in forensic chemistry who work with law enforcement to establish evidence in criminal investigations. Biochemistry and organic chemistry are closely related, for example, in medicinal chemistry.

A chemist

A chemist

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