After the third date advice

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The outward signs are similar. Hence although the result of virtuous actions is exhausted by the enjoyment of heaven, there are other Karmas in store according to which a man is born again in good or bad environments.

After the third date advice

Where Do I Start?! You must not do any action with expectation of fruits. Having reached the path of the gods he comes to the world of Agni, to the world of Vayu, to the world of Varuna, to the world of Indra, to the world of Prajapati, to the world of Brahman.

After the third date advice

After the third date advice

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  1. Common elements among the citizens of Raja Shivaji's Maratha Empire were the Marathi language, the Hindu religion, a strong sense of belonging, and a national feeling.

    But in China, we study together.

    And it says that you recognize just how valuable you are when you can receive what someone else is giving to you.

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