Aphrodisiac chocolate

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Thus excessive use of chocolate may negate many of its libido-boosting properties. One interesting use of chocolate in amorous situations is as edible body paint which can be found in a number of adult and romantic games.

Aphrodisiac chocolate

This is because dark chocolate contains maximum of the anti-oxidants which are believed to promote cardio-vascular health and protect the body from damage by free radicals. Later studies showed that PEA levels didn't go up in the bloodstreams of even the biggest chocoholics.

Aphrodisiac chocolate

Aphrodisiac chocolate

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Liebowitz behaved that when someone's in love, his or her doctor produces a unique called phenylethylamine PEA. InAphrodisiac chocolate even assumed a book titled "The Companionship of Love.

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  1. However the anti-oxidants are destroyed in some traditional roasting and fermentation methods as well as by being processed with alkali as in done in the preparation of milk or white chocolate and cocoa powder.

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