Army task and purpose cheat sheet

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This occurs when the bypassing force has no requirement to maintain an uninterrupted logistics flow, such as in a raid. Interdiction efforts there have immediate impact on enemy forces near the interdiction target but do not affect the enemy's ability to mass force effects. The enemy commander's inability to see the battlefield eventually desynchronizes his actions and renders his command vulnerable to aggressive action by friendly forces.

Army task and purpose cheat sheet

The arms of the graphic go on both sides of the location or unit that will be bypassed. Fixed enemy ground forces-or those trapped by the loss of their mobility-provide lucrative targets.

Army task and purpose cheat sheet

Army task and purpose cheat sheet

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  1. The commander must specify the desired effect on the enemy when assigning this task to a subordinate. Figure B illustrates the tactical mission graphic for a blocking task.

    This may occur by engaging him to prevent his withdrawal for use elsewhere, or by using deception, such as transmitting false orders.

    It involves both active and passive elements and includes combat action to destroy or repel enemy reconnaissance units and surveillance assets. Figure B-3 shows the control graphic for a breach.

    Control of an area does not require the complete clearance of all enemy soldiers from the specified area. The primary objective of the support force is normally to fix and suppress the enemy so he cannot effectively fire on the maneuvering force.

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