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In this battle, the Israeli Navy destroyed Syrian warships without suffering any damage, using electronic countermeasures and ruses for defense. Despite the large number of munitions and successful hits, the 1, ton IS Sahand did not sink until fire reached her ammunition magazine , causing it to detonate, sinking the vessel.


Major losses included two destroyers, a fleet oiler, an ammunition ship, approximately a dozen merchant ships and numerous smaller craft. Some of these hit and either sank or damaged a number of ships, including warships offshore of amphibious landings on western Italy.



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  1. These radio-controlled missiles were used successfully until the Allied navies developed missile countermeasures—principally radio jamming.

    Hiddensee P missile In , the Israeli Navy's destroyer Eilat was the first ship to be sunk by a ship-launched missile — a number of Styx missiles launched by Egyptian Komar-class missile boats off the Sinai Peninsula. The Osas returned to base without loss.

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