Ask an esthetician

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It takes time to balance the skin and treat acne. Your esthetician can provide the best guidance on caring for your skin between treatments.

Ask an esthetician

What to expect during a chemical peel The skin is cleansed and a prep solution will be applied to remove surface oils and allow the peel to penetrate the skin evenly. This often involves a series of professional treatments. It takes time to balance the skin and treat acne.

Ask an esthetician

Ask an esthetician

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  1. The degree of exfoliation depends on the number of passes, level of crystal spray or coarseness of the diamond wand, the pressure and suction used, and the frequency of treatment. This depends entirely on your program and the methods used.

    You can also request a variation on the standard Brazilian if you prefer to leave a small amount of hair. However, if multiple extractions were needed or if you required a fair amount of exfoliation, your face may be somewhat rosy for one to two hours or more, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

    A session usually takes 30 minutes or less and may be performed in a spray booth or with a handheld spray unit. It takes time to balance the skin and treat acne.

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