Bakery ballarat

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Mr Davies operated the business successfully for several years, but as the gold mines in Talbot dried up, its population dwindled. The second storey was for baking Vienna bread. A delivery cart would be sent out, fully loaded, while the rest of the shipment would be transported by train.

Bakery ballarat

The bakery employed 24 full-time personnel, who would begin working just after dinner, so that all of the food would be ready by morning, for consumption and delivery. In the older days, large deliveries to rural areas such as the Wallace district had to be made in two parts. Fred fitted the bakery with a Perkins Continuous Oven, which was quite revolutionary for the time.

Bakery ballarat

Bakery ballarat

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  1. It bought raw materials, such as eggs, from farmers. The driver of the cart would make the first delivery, and then go to the train station to pick up the excess.

    The combined business, located in Thomastown, became Davies Bakery Pty.

    In , however, the business was purchased by John Davies.


    By , it was a factory, covering over half an acre of property. Motor delivery was faster and more efficient for country work, and allowed the Eureka Bakery to provide for a much wider radius of customers, further strengthening their business.

    The continuous oven helped transform the business from a bakery, into a food processing plant. By , it was a factory, covering over half an acre of property.

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