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Babylon 5 featured this trope, notably with Centauri women, who shave their heads, and the Minbari and Narns, who are naturally bald. Victoria won and Molly was shaved bald. When she was younger , she had a thick mane of dark hair.

Baldy woman

She willingly allowed her head to be shaved by CM Punk. Professional Wrestling The trope is a staple of the "Hair versus Hair" matches: Apparently management asked all the women in developmental and Serena was the only one willing to.

Baldy woman

Baldy woman

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  1. Jessica's mom has no natural hair, a result of all of it falling out during Dr. Given that the Eldar are easily the most humanoid of 40k's alien races, and have no gender stereotypes or distinctions in their culture, the baldness tends to help mark them out as something unusual.

    In particular the Aurora Australis Sourcebook shows both a male and female Legionaries on the cover, both hairless. The Tau, of Warhammer 40, , are universally bald, save for a single lock at the back of their head which they typically grow just past shoulder length.

    Miami featured pop starlet Elvina going bald because she had cocaine traces in her hair. In the "Wanda the Witch" segment, Wanda and all other witches wear wigs.

    Origins meanwhile, mages made Tranquil seem to be shaven bald at some point, male or female. Mask of the Betrayer.

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