Balloon twisting sydney

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Her face painting was incredible! Join thousands of other mums and dads who have used our helpful checklist to plan the perfect party and not forget a thing! The kids just loved her she kept them so entertained.

Balloon twisting sydney

Can't wait for my older sons birthday we are using you guys again! The store is ever expanding as JayJay finds new products that he uses himself or have been suggested to him by fellow balloon artists.

Balloon twisting sydney

Balloon twisting sydney

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    For the latest news, new products, and special subscriber only discounts please subscribe to the monthly newsletter JayJay loves to teach the art of balloon modelling and offers balloon artist training to both beginner and intermediate level balloon benders.

    As a full time balloon sculptor himself JayJay understands the needs of fellow twisters. Her face painting was incredible!

    We had the best entertainer ever she was amazing. Join thousands of other mums and dads who have used our helpful checklist to plan the perfect party and not forget a thing!

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