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As such, here we glimpse the multi-directional flows of agency, affect and sociality engendered by eating. Thinking through what eating is and where its boundaries lie in these spaces has illustrated that this is an act that may take diverse forms and be shared among bodies that are spatially and temporally apart.

Bbws fat

With her other hand she gently pats her uncovered stomach, saying: Feminism, Food and Visceral Politics. Giovanelli, Dina, and Natalie Peluso.

Bbws fat

Bbws fat

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  1. Yet her simultaneous narration also opens up this savoured moment of ingestion to a listening and viewing Other.


    In another video a woman talks the viewer through the various flavours of cotton candy in her hand before deciding to try the pink vanilla. In contrast, by establishing a fat female — and indeed eating — body as desirable, these videos instead denote themselves as spaces of fat acceptance.

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