Benefits of choosing abstinence

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It is the most effective form of birth control. It is the healthiest way to avoid a teen pregnancy and more importantly, the best way to avoid contracting an STI. It involves refraining from any activity that leads to an exchange of body fluids.

Benefits of choosing abstinence

Talking and listening Sharing joys, hurts, dreams, goals, wishes and other aspects of life Honesty and respect for one another Having fun and playing together Why should someone choose abstinence? Sexual intercourse is not the only way two people can get to know each other. If you are a teenager, it is the best way to avoid being a pregnant teen or getting an STD.

Benefits of choosing abstinence

Benefits of choosing abstinence

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  1. Honor of personal, moral, or religious beliefs Wait until they are married and in a monogamous and committed relationship Pursue school, career, and other activities To avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases How can I express my affection? Remaining abstinent as a teenager means that you will be less likely to:

    Frequently Asked Questions About Abstinence:

    Abstinence prevents pregnancy because sexual intercourse does not take place. How can I be successful at abstinence?

    Intimacy and affection can be expressed in a number of ways other than sexual intercourse.

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