Book mating in captivity

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Reconciling the Erotic and the Domestic. A year-old married mother of two sons, she realised early on that pleasure in her marriage as well as complicity, privacy and a dash of pursuit would ensure its survival.

Book mating in captivity

In the water I feel free for the first time since I gave birth. Perel doesn't mention nature as a sexual healer, perhaps because the bulk of her clientele live in a metropolis. I am seven years older than when we last met and his new girlfriend is 15 years younger.

Book mating in captivity

Book mating in captivity

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  1. Emerging from the foam I feel the primal force Perel describes as "ruthless, selfish" desire.

    But most women I know are so busy treading water that any sex feels like a victory. And lest we hope that American therapists can remedy the situation, Perel says not a chance:

    Out of sync with the tides, the moon and the elements, is it any wonder?

    I draw the line at installing a door between our rooms or scuttling away for the night.

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