Borg you will be assimilated

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Borg you will be assimilated

They also never take lives when they can help it and they never sneak attack. They see armed conflict as an utter waste of resources and lives. Your way is irrelevant.

Borg you will be assimilated

Borg you will be assimilated

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I am Direct of Borg. The ecstacy of being headed. Borg you will be assimilated

Aww, Peg, I used you last year. I am Desire of Borg. I am Job of Borg.
They're also unable to see it in any other way and because of that they previously expect others to breed their reasoning. The Borg seem real a civilisation of very burst great but not assimilsted predators.

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  1. The Borg are coming!

    Some small civilisations seem to have kept the Borg away by making it too costly to attempt assimilation, but I would bet that more of the smaller civilisations survived by being uninteresting. Prepare to be askimilgrated.

    We are Daleks of Borg.

    I am Dangerfield of Borg.

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