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The Thunderdome was completed in , but can trace its roots back over twenty years previously when Australian motorsport icon Bob Jane , previous owner of Calder Park Raceway, travelled to the United States and visited the Charlotte Motor Speedway and Daytona International Speedway numerous times to gauge stock car racing 's rise in popularity. In the circuit was renamed to the Melbourne International Raceway, [1] while for the round of the Australian Touring Car Championship , series broadcaster Channel 7 referred to Calder as the Keilor International Raceway. As part of the changes to the circuit, the main straight was lengthened from metres to just under 1 km in length while the final turn which was known for a long time as Gloweave Corner was also moved forward approximately 75 metres so that the road course and the start of the drag racing strip were separate this was due to long time complaints from drivers and bike riders that the start of the main straight was notoriously slippery due to it also being the start of the drag strip, especially in the wet.

Calder park melbourne

The first ever Drift Nationals held in March attracted over 8, spectators and added another inaugural event to the long list of new activities nurtured by Calder Park Raceway. For the race was restricted to Formula Pacifics. The inaugural meeting on a bitumen track was run by the Australian Motor Sports Club and took place on 14 January

Calder park melbourne

Calder park melbourne

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  1. The race saw a heavy crash on lap 80 which took some 6 cars out of the race including Australian's Dick Johnson Ford Thunderbird and Allan Grice Oldmobile Delta 88 who suffered a broken collar bone after hitting Johnson's already crashed car at high speed in the middle of turns 3 and 4. The first ever Drift Nationals held in March attracted over 8, spectators and added another inaugural event to the long list of new activities nurtured by Calder Park Raceway.

    Thunderdome[ edit ] The Thunderdome is a purpose-built 1. Jane also had the 1.

    The concert was fraught with controversy, including reports that security staff had prohibited patrons from bringing their own food, drinks and sunscreen into the venue; this most seriously affected a diabetic teenage girl, whose medication and carefully portioned food were confiscated.

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