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The company built a store on the harbour foreshores for the receiving of produce for shipment to and from Sydney. Only a short walk to valley terminal, the Club is conveniently located and enjoys magnificent views of the mountain.

Callala nsw

The comfortable and well appointed surroundings of the common areas evoke a warm and friendly Club and family atmosphere, allowing members and guests of all ages to meet and enjoy their stay together. In , a lighthouse was constructed on the harbour breakwater, and it was known at the time as the Ulladulla Lighthouse. This is a centuries-old tradition which originated in Sicily , Italy, and has been continued by the area's descendants of the original Italian immigrant fishing community.

Callala nsw

Callala nsw

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  1. Public Works Department records disclose maintenance of track and repair of wagons at least to Only a short walk to valley terminal, the Club is conveniently located and enjoys magnificent views of the mountain.

    Education[ edit ] Ulladulla Public School was established in August Accommodation is offered in 16 twin share rooms and there is onsite car parking for nine cars.

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