Can children go to hell

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And we hold adults to the highest standard of all. And so, while we may not know how God works to save people through innumerable shades of accountability, nonetheless we can always trust our children in the hands of our Heavenly Father.

Can children go to hell

This census was taken at the end of the entire year the Israelites spent at Mt. Sinai where they received the Law, and during which time they built the Tabernacle and organized themselves into a well-defined community.

Can children go to hell

Can children go to hell

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  1. And what about a three-year-old? A good place to start is Deuteronomy

    At that moment, each individual could experience their own fall like Adam and Eve in the garden.

    For this reason, we hold a five-year-old to a higher standard of behavior than a three-year-old.


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