Can you take a nap with contacts in

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Due to irritation and rubbing of the eye, the contact wearer can damage the outer layer of the cornea, allow bacteria to enter the eye. Early diagnosis and management of keratitis is important to reduce the risk of eye damage and vision loss.

Can you take a nap with contacts in

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology AAO , there is a higher risk of corneal keratitis, or inflammation of the clear tissue on the front of the eye, among those who wear contact lenses overnight. Step 4 Depending on your eye health and comfort level with wearing lenses, another options is to avoid napping with your contacts in your eyes.

Can you take a nap with contacts in

Can you take a nap with contacts in

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  1. Recommendations for safe use include to not sleep or nap in contacts designed for daily wear.

    Wash your hands before handling your contacts and avoid sleeping in your contacts, which can lead to unconsciously rubbing your eyes. Wash your hands before removing them, and ensure you are placing clean lenses in a clean case with fresh storage solution.

    However, the specific risk of wearing contact lenses during short naps is not known. The affected eye can suffer a range of issues from mere annoyance to a disabling condition that results in permanent ocular damage or loss of the eye.

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    Carefully clean your lenses as directed, using the recommended cleaning and storage solution.

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