Castle cove sydney

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The interior joinery is of cedar with seven foot doorways and ceilings 14 feet high. Access to the property was by motor launch from The Spit to a private wharf below the property.

Castle cove sydney

Mr Henry Christian Press developed picnic ground and a dance hall, called Palmer Pleasure Grounds, on the tip of the peninsula and a wharf on the southern shore around As originally envisaged by Walter Burley Griffin, the waterside estate incorporated large areas of bushland recreational reserves and it attracted wealthy residents. When it opened on 12 April , it was the first golf course in the municipality.

Castle cove sydney

Castle cove sydney

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  1. Each corner is graced by a solid stone circular turret and the exterior walls are two feet thick.

    Courtesy Willoughby City Library.

    The land passed into the hands of the Association of North Sydney Debenture Holders, but remained undeveloped. Castle Cove is situated on the western side of Middle Harbour which provides spectacular views.

    As the land earmarked for the town houses was previously donated to the Castle owners by the government to enhance the Castle grounds, it was felt that profiting from this was inappropriate. The park occupies the site of the pre Chatswood-Willoughby Sewage Scheme septic tanks.

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