Causes and incentives of sex tourism

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In Thailand, sex tourist is an important component of international tourism marketing. In order to the author case studies highlighted the strength of pull factors that helps the sex tourism destination attractions "Noted the sex tourism industry takes various forms ranging from the production of videos, through to nude dancing, and tourism-related prostitution".

Causes and incentives of sex tourism

Domestic sex tourism involves travel within the same country, while trans-national sex tourism involves travel across national borders. Sex Tourism in Thailand: Wolverhampton ABSTRACT Thailand, one of the top five tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and the most popular holiday destination for young tourists, provides tropical forests, dazzling beaches, coral reefs, Thai cuisines and definitely sex tourism.

Causes and incentives of sex tourism

Causes and incentives of sex tourism

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  1. The revenue of government will increase through promoting sex tourism. Overall, Horner and Swarbrooke strengthened that reasons why people participate in sex tourism is very personal and individual's reasons are distinctive.

    The author specified about three major forces that encourage sex tourism and prostitution in Thailand.

    Preconceptions about race and gender influenced the tourists' opinions. The websites contain the pictures and videos are a significant attraction.

    Most exploitation of children takes place as a result of their absorption into the adult sex trade where they are exploited by local people and sex tourists. While it is criminal in most countries, this multibillion-dollar [32] industry is believed to involve as many as 2 million children around the world.

    Poverty, government actions and Internet are three major forces encourage sex tourism development in Thailand. The involving number of prostitutes has growing rapidly from 20, to ,

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