Change country on pof

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Some of them inevitably move. POF short for Plenty of Fish is an online dating service founded in

Change country on pof

If you have moved to a new location on a permanent basis or are taking an extended trip, it would be a good idea to also update the location on your Plenty of Fish profile. Hi, Like so many other people on this forum, I've recently moved countries and can't change my country.

Change country on pof

Change country on pof

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    If you have a payment method from a country where Spotify is available, then you can use that to subscribe to premium or unlimited which will give you unlimited abroad access to your account.

    The procedure is largely the same as the previous one, though a bit longer. To do it, just follow the steps provided in this article.

    Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, it is available to users from selected countries around the world. Mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone platforms are also available.


    Plenty of Fish currently has around 90 million users and creates revenue through ads and premium memberships. I mostly use it on my laptop but I've tried log in from my family's computer and multiple different browsers and I'm still not given the option to change my country.

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