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The perches should be rounded, like strong branches or broom handles as opposed to square. That said, some people do release partridges, bobwhite and californian quail on their property to establish a hunting population.


As meat birds, they are ready at about the age of weeks but they do not become tough so can be eaten at any age. Some people have experimented with getting bantams to hatch the eggs, it usually doesn't work well.



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  1. Ample air movement without a draught is essential.

    Depending on the area you live other people stealing your chickens or eggs may be another issue altogether so be mindful about that too. The coop should be built from treated timbers and joinery that is built for outside conditions.

    They are one of the oldest domesticated birds. You can also use NON medicated chick crumbles or you can add extra protein to chicken food.

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