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Dumbledore If you thought JK Rowling made the name Dumbledore up, think again—dor is an Old English word for a flying or buzzing insect, and dumbledore is actually an 18th century nickname for a bumblebee. XANA, of course, has other plans.

Code words online dating

Featuring some originally XANA attacks in the future! So, invest in a selfie stick, and start working on your technique! Poltroon Tiger Poltroon tiger—alongside sneak-cat, pampas cat, Indian devil, catamountain, deer tiger, and even bender lion—is an old 18th century name for the puma.

Code words online dating

Code words online dating

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  1. A famous shot from the film, The Great Train Robbery. Your private life should stay private until you know someone really well and can start over time to trust them with things.

    T - French - Drama - Chapters: Rabbits have been called bunnies since the 18th century.

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