Cognitive distortions in sex offenders

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While a single factor such as cognitive distortion is unlikely to explain on its own why a person commits an offense it still remains a crucial piece of the etiological puzzle. Despite being broadly supportive of the hypothesis that some offenders have an IT of children as sexual beings, IAT and IRAP results require that investigators draw conclusions regarding the association of certain stimuli based on speed of responding.

Cognitive distortions in sex offenders

We refer to these later cognitive manifestations as cognitive products or surface cognitions throughout this review. Taking into account the problems of scope and vagueness outlined above, a rough working definition of cognitive distortions is as follows:

Cognitive distortions in sex offenders

Cognitive distortions in sex offenders

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    This view is externally 8 inconsistent with multifactorial theories of offending that see offense-supportive beliefs as having a clear etiological role e. In the forensic setting this may also refer to the theory's ability to generate new and empirically supported treatment interventions ; and e unifying power i.

    Keown, Gannon and Ward b used a version of the lexical decision task to once again test for the ITs of offenders. Despite pioneering the application of the concept of cognitive distortions with sex offenders Abel and colleagues never formally outlined their theory of cognitive distortions.

    The IT theory demonstrated strong unifying power by taking certain elements of the broad concept of cognitive distortions i. Inferring cognitive structure from cognitive products is fraught with difficulties, however.

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