Cullen bullen

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Since our previous visit several years ago, new entrance portals, gates and fencing have been installed, trees planted along the driveway, grounds cleaned up and water connected to the site. We found the whole site mown and trimmed and in excellent condition.

Cullen bullen

It is the story of changes in representation as towns became cities as a result of industrialisation and the traffic through ports. Our records were updated on 22 February It is the story of farmers and graziers taking possession of "their" constituencies, usually in the conservative interest.

Cullen bullen

Cullen bullen

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  1. It leads through to the Wolgan Valley Road which heads north-east from Lidsdale on the Castlereagh Highway to the historic mining settlement at Newnes.

    The earliest inscription we listed was dated The cemetery appears to have been established around 90 years ago.

    Thomas Loneragan married the postmistress Margaret Hart and the business moved over the road into Loneragan's house, where it stayed until


    The monuments are generally in good order, although many of the post-war marble tablets are now difficult to read.

    Local mines found it hard to compete and they began to close from The tiny village of Cullen Bullen, which is little more than a hotel and a few houses for people who work in the local mines and the power stations, is located on the main road from Sydney to Mudgee.

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