Current country love songs

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Although she expressed a desire to record country material, Monument resisted, thinking her unique voice with its strong vibrato was not suited to the genre. That decision has been credited with helping to make her many millions of dollars in royalties from the song over the years. On February 11, , after the sudden death of Whitney Houston , Dolly Parton stated, "Mine is only one of the millions of hearts broken over the death of Whitney Houston.

Current country love songs

When she was eight years old, her uncle bought her first real guitar. Music played an important role in her early life.

Current country love songs

Current country love songs

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  1. According to Parton, he has seen her perform only once. Although she expressed a desire to record country material, Monument resisted, thinking her unique voice with its strong vibrato was not suited to the genre.

    After New Harvest's disappointing chart performance, Parton turned to high-profile pop producer Gary Klein for her next album.

    But her album Slow Dancing with the Moon won critical acclaim and did well on the charts, reaching number four on the country albums chart, and number 16 on the Billboard album chart. It also reached No.

    Although her first attempt, the television variety show Dolly! Parton became one of the few female country singers to have a number-one single on the country and pop charts simultaneously.

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