Dancing deer lodge

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No stove, but it did have a hotplate that served our needs, and Paul brought over a crock pot when he heard we were having a chili cook-off at Homecoming Tailgate. Additional acreage is an option for owners desiring to persue future expansion. The present owners have made extensive upgrades to the property over the past several years, and a complete list will be provided to interested buyers upon request.

Dancing deer lodge

It was very clean with a lot of room for a full house! Exterior Guest Room Dancing Deer Lodge offers owners seeking a lifestyle change the opportunity to realize their dream with an affordable, established and profitable business.

Dancing deer lodge

Dancing deer lodge

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  1. This place was perfect!!! A separate structure houses a deluxe honeymoon cottage sq.


    The inn is being sold on a turnkey basis, which will provide the new owners with a 'walk in and do business' opportunity. The main lodge consists of two private suites and spacious owners quarters sq.

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