Dataadapter not updating datatable

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When you use the DataSet, you can only make changes inserts, updates, or deletes to data that is from a single table. For information about obtaining primary key values for autoincrement primary keys, see Obtaining primary key values. Fill dataTable ; dataGrid.

Dataadapter not updating datatable

Your application should include logic to resolve or log conflicts that arise. If another user has a lock on the row you are trying to update, an exception is thrown.

Dataadapter not updating datatable

Dataadapter not updating datatable

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  1. Some of the conflicts that your application logic should address include: However, once the DataSet is filled, you can modify the DataSet while disconnected from the database.


    Fill dataTable ; dataGrid. Some of the conflicts that your application logic should address include:

    In addition to the statement, you can add error handling logic to the stored procedure so that if the operation fails the appropriate action is taken, such as recording the error to a log file, or trying the operation again. Add; Create an SACommand object and define its parameters.

    For more information, see the.

    The SADataAdapter does not place a lock on rows that it fetches, so another user can update a value in the database once you have retrieved the DataSet and are working offline. Add; Create the necessary SACommand objects and define any necessary parameters.

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