Dating website description examples

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In short, there was and is nothing to stop a glassmaker from using an obsolete method in the production of a bottle. The pictured flask was likely first produced about and has the same embossing pattern on both sides. Cornucopia flasks were made in only the pint and half-pint sizes.

Dating website description examples

We believe that our main purpose is to help singles from different corners of the world meet each other. This shows an example of this same type sunburst flask that was used or more likely re-used for "SPTS.

Dating website description examples

Dating website description examples

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  1. Users can also find some information on these type flasks, including pictures, at the following link: The chart accompanying this statement notes that bottles made before have a side mold seam ending on the shoulder or low on the neck, between and the seam ends just below the finish, between and the seam ends within the finish just below the finish rim top lip surface , and those made after have mold seams ending right at the top surface of the finish, i.

    Utilitarian bottles include the majority of the bottles in the following bottle categories or types:

    The flask pictured to the right is a Washington-Eagle flask GI-2 that was discussed above with links to more pictures of the item.

    Agriculture, Commerce, and Transportation theme flasks This is another broad class of figured flasks that include embossing and motifs that deal with U. But any technique, once developed, can be used right up to the present - as many collectors know who have been so unfortunate as to rely too heavily on a popular termination date as sure evidence of true antiquity

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