Dealing with a jealous husband

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Suggest they connect with an online therapist in a non-accusatory manner and not as a 'punishment' or when you're angry. If the betrayal happened many moons ago, and your partner doesn't appear to have got over that yet, it's time to seek help.

Dealing with a jealous husband

Let's see how your partner may perceive what's happened He is suspicious if I take an 1. Yes, but well worth the investment in terms of nurturing the relationship.

Dealing with a jealous husband

Dealing with a jealous husband

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  1. This need is expressed through jealousy. The driving force behind one persons jealousy varies greatly among those who display this irrational suspicion.

    Any advice is helpful.

    There are many explanation for the causes of this emotion.

    Some of the roots of jealousy:

    On the more positive side of this problem is the fact that, at lower levels of intensity, jealousy is a compliment because it says a lot about how in love he is with you. He believes that he has proof of my infidelity and flirtations.

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