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E comes in 2 sizes, 60 capsules and capsules. The combination helps increase absorption.

Dr rhonda patrick book

For fat sources, Rhonda adds avocado to her smoothies that have turmeric see her Instagram post on this. This also avoids the risk of overheating the sprouts, and therefore disabling the myrocinase enzyme — which would be suboptimal. The combination helps increase absorption.

Dr rhonda patrick book

Dr rhonda patrick book

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  1. Meriva is derived from the turmeric root, which contains a natural anti-inflammatory in its pigment called curcumin.

    To produce Meriva the curcumin gets extracted and concentrated, then combined with phosphatidylcholine complex from sunflower seeds. Each drop contains mcg of K2 MK4 and iu of D3.

    To put this into perspective, the quart size Ball mason jars Rhonda uses yield approximately g fresh weight per jar when full — which brings 1 jar close to mg sulforaphane content.


    Rhonda actually chooses to stay away from compounds that inhibit enzymes in the brain, which rules out some more common nootropics.

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