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Though the Buzz has a lower resolution than the very precise VEST, NeoSensory believes that it will be a revolutionary product for people with very severe hearing loss. He recommends adding other somatosensory feedback into the VEST, such as changing the temperature and tightness of the device, to accompany the vibrations for added precision.

Eagleman lab

If all goes well, NeoSensory has the near-term potential to seriously disrupt the current market for medical devices to assist the deaf. The smash hit HBO melodrama about artificial intelligence AI brought Eagleman on as their scientific advisor in May , and it seems his technology has had an impact on the show. The VEST, says Eagleman, would employ the same principle—translating spoken word and ambient noise into specific patterns of vibration in different locations on the torso.

Eagleman lab

Eagleman lab

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  1. Eagleman predicts that over time, perceiving data through the VEST will become second nature.

    Eagleman reports that his volunteers have been able to learn to interpret audio from the vibrations in just a few weeks.

    We no longer have to wait for Mother Nature's sensory gifts on her timescales, but instead, like any good parent, she's given us the tools that we need to go out and define our own trajectory.

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