Eastern suburbs of sydney

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Dover Heights Overall rank: The lowest scores are for its tree cover, traffic congestion and rail links, though the light rail should improve this somewhat. It scores brilliantly for open spaces, beach access, public transport, cafes and restaurants, proximity to employment hubs, culture and telecommunication coverage.

Eastern suburbs of sydney

What makes a suburb liveable? It is rated around the middle of the lot for proximity to employment hubs, shops, tree cover and crime but has a long way to go to improve its main road congestion. Queens Park Overall rank:

Eastern suburbs of sydney

Eastern suburbs of sydney

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  1. Aside from that, it outperforms most of Sydney with its culture, proximity to employment hubs, shops, open spaces, beach access and telecommunications coverage.

    It also gets bragging rights for culture, eating out options, ocean views and schools.

    Darling Point Overall rank: It is outstanding for culture, proximity to employment hubs and shops, not to mention well above average for mobile and internet coverage, cafes and restaurants and bus links.

    Bellevue Hill Overall rank:

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