Edm songs about love

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So if you were recently dumped prior to this Valentine's Days then grab a boom box and play this underneath the window of the girl or guy who ripped your heart out. That being said dance music over the years has laid down some pretty serious love songs that will make even the most hardened of hearts melt upon listening.

Edm songs about love

So instead of freaking out drop your suggestions in the comments and maybe we can follow up with part 2! The chorus has become as close to legendary as possible at this point, being one of the most recognizable lyrics in all of dance music. This track will have you tearing up and questioning why.

Edm songs about love

Edm songs about love

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  1. This guy's tracks will have you posting in the missed connections part of craigslist after you glance over at the driver of the car next to you. It is an absolute guarantee that this song will put you in a good mood whether you are spending your Valentine's Day with your dog or with you significant other.

    Kaskade's ability to make the instrumental of the track as emotional as the lyrics will keep people crying for years to come. Porter and Mat Zo teamed up a several years ago and gifted us this euphoric progressive house anthem.

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