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Share your eHarmony experience Unfortunately, there are no experience reports about eHarmony. Dating online and opening up to strangers takes courage, and users wouldn't be doing that if they were looking for anything other than the real deal.

Eharmony review

After a few days, I was getting around 10 new matches a day to look through, this was on top of the 'What Ifs' matches that I also looked through when I had some time in front of the TV. Who wants to answer "Are you emotionally stable? The account is available for an unlimited time 2.

Eharmony review

Eharmony review

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  1. This confirms your identity so that other site users can be confident knowing that you are exactly who you say you are. With 17 years of proof that the matching system works , and an ever-growing amount of data to further refine the system as new users sign up and find partners, the site has a pretty legitimate grasp on how to match others for long term love and is arguably the closest thing in the digital world to hiring a personal matchmaker.

    It has an extended personality profile 3. This service allows members to chat to each other on the phone through the website rather than exchanging phone numbers.

    People who want to marry the next person they date If you cry at episodes of The Bachelor, eharmony might be the place for you.

    The site first requires you select your sexual orientation and preference, which can be man or woman seeking men or women, and enter your first name and zip code. The site gives you your own personal dating haven, as everything is centered around you and your experience on the site.

    Security Is eHarmony safe? No questions will be asked.

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