Emotional agility quiz

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Issues of equity and fairness and justice. How the same thought patterns that keep us safe can also keep us from success.

Emotional agility quiz

Jean knew that every one of these tiny bits was not just a piece of plastic: Are you just another bureaucrat now?

Emotional agility quiz

Emotional agility quiz

Job saying, of blistering, has its limits. Usually…what often reasons is we get ahead by our thoughts, our thousands, our lines. Emotional agility quiz

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  1. By being emotionally agile, we can use the wrong job to gain the perspective, skills, and connections necessary to get to the right job. This segment aired on March 17,

    Jean had the kind of menial job that no one ever fantasizes about as a kid—she worked on an assembly line at a plant that made medical equipment.

    The story is true, the thought is true, the emotion is true. She started to pull back.

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