Ep evaluator training

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Minimum of points. Enter units, analyst name, decimal places, lot numbers, etc. At least two of the figures that were referenced in the text were not included in the manual.

Ep evaluator training

A very convenient feature allows exclusion of data points by selecting them directly from the graph. Type it into the highlighted cell. The results are particularly handsome when printed in color.

Ep evaluator training

Ep evaluator training

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    For the small to medium-sized laboratory seeking to this package definitely warrants in- vestigation. Guests concerned with food allergies must be aware of this risk.

    Enter units, analyst name, decimal places, lot numbers, etc.


    The Linearity module performs ment of accuracy, linearity, report- able range, calibration verification, and probability of proficiency test failure. Or click the appropriate icon.

    Experiment Detail screen — data entry and experiment statistics. Each mod- ule has a help screen; sometimes this information is at odds with the man- ual.

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