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Exclusive la gi

Made up of white nationalists, the group first came to prominence in when dozens of its activists occupied a mosque in Poitiers, western France, for more than six hours before police ejected them. Over a beer at the Citadelle, Verhassel explained: The organisation was set up in France six years ago, and now has branches in several countries, including Italy, Austria , Germany and the United Kingdom.

Exclusive la gi

Exclusive la gi

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  1. Aurelien Verhassel, leader of GI Lille, has a string of criminal convictions [Al Jazeera] Verhassel was particularly worried about people who might post photos online of themselves doing Nazi salutes at the Citadelle.

    Sunday, December 9 and 16 -

    After erecting a makeshift barrier there, they unfurled a banner which read: French far right's violence and racism exposed Al Jazeera investigation reveals Generation Identity members carrying out racist attacks, making Nazi salutes in Lille.

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