Forms of betrayal in relationships

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Treason against your military leader can lead to death in some countries, prison time and dishonorable discharge in others. In my experience as a therapist for about 20 years, I have found weekend couples workshops to be a safe way for couples to recognize betrayals, avoid them, and to repair non-sexual betrayals. Your favourite colour or type of cheese, what you like to do for fun, what little things annoy you… these are all important, and the everyday foundation for your relationship.

Forms of betrayal in relationships

Caught in such situations, this may be a difficult form of betrayal to avoid especially when we love our partners deeply but it is always better if you do the right thing. Three of the hard-to-spot, yet common, types of non-sexual betrayals are:

Forms of betrayal in relationships

Forms of betrayal in relationships

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  1. This is especially wrong when one partner keeps saying negative things about the other to their children. When rebels form a coup against a government, it is treason.

    Most of us lie thinking that we are protecting our partners from the truth but all we are doing is betraying them. Three of the hard-to-spot, yet common, types of non-sexual betrayals are:

    It could be that your loved one only made a mistake or that were ready to settle things without the involvement of family and friends but one still goes ahead and tarnishes their name just because they are angry. It requires both partners to face uncomfortable or painful truths.

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