Forsaken world pets

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They can be found from the Pet Dealers in Freedom Harbor and as of December 23, you can hold of each type of food in one space It used to be around 20 I believe before it used another bag space. People who don't have any of this skills will simply see "Requires special skills to capture" and you won't be able to tame and catch it. Must be incubated by another player if you don't want to wait, usually will be if traded so they get a trainer point Strength level distinguishes the different kinds of pets' values Higher strength level, better strength the pet has, aka turtle isn't as good as a wind puppet Food means the type of food that they eat, meat, snacks, or element.

Forsaken world pets

You can switch it between "Attack", "Defend" and "Idle". When a pet is done hatching, you can take the pet out of the hatch slot and summon it. You can find them in some orbs like Ocean Heart and Envoy Spirit.

Forsaken world pets

Forsaken world pets

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  1. Here in those instances multiplayer for exp your pet will gain after you kill monsters is few times higher than outside while killing normal monsters. Lv 30 —

    Location means the actual location of the soul or monster you can get the soul from, or it says Eyrda Boutique which is the cash shop for the game uses real life money.

    Bosses will drop pet skill books.

    Also, your pet will get hungry over time.

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