Gay koria

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Public knowledge of homosexuality is limited in general, and most Korean people tended to have opinions based on their experience through actors and shows like these. Restaurants will often have couples nights and typically, parks and public festivals are overflowing with people on dates. The first, Itaewon, is the biggest and most popular, located directly outside of a major American military base.

Gay koria

As a foreigner, I found that Korean people will tend to be more open-minded and let you off the hook for being gay or just different. There are typically good crowds on Friday and Saturday nights, after mid-night.

Gay koria

Gay koria

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  1. In general, it is one of my favorite places to go to because there are so many like-minded foreigners from every country you can imagine, each with their own personalities and unique experiences. My American friends and I went a few times and were treated especially well by staff and locals all be it an older crowd with free food, drinks and lots of friendly conversation.

    It is also really tough to find something long-term.

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