Geelong mini golf

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How long does it take to play? Can you open out of hours for groups? What are the rules?

Geelong mini golf

While mini golf is fun for all ages we understand that sometimes not everyone in a group wants to have a putt so spectators are free to come in at no charge. Is there a maximum number of people allowed to play in each group? If your group is at least 15 people and you will be paying in one transaction give us a call for discount information.

Geelong mini golf

Geelong mini golf

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  1. Or for a grown-up party check out information on function room and BBQ hire as well as our catering options here. Place ball back on green where it left it and give yourself a 1 stroke penalty.

    We have clubs to suit all sizes from small, very light, wooden clubs to extra long clubs for the tallest adult. This minimum spend is dependent on timings so please do give us a call on to enquire about your specific requirements.

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