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The district was officially established in and the th class graduated in The measure essentially cancelled the effect of court rulings that would have enabled the city of Corbin to keep all the revenue from the tax generated inside the city limits. While the railroad presently CSX continues to play an important role, the decline of the rail industry in the latter half of the twentieth century, as well as the loss of some manufacturing jobs, has prompted the community to begin diversifying its economy.

Heidrick ky

Corbin Preschool Center Corbin Primary grades K-2 Currently housed by newest building in the district that was rebuilt entirely Corbin Elementary grades The age distribution was Income data from the Census for Kentucky locations has not yet been released.

Heidrick ky

Heidrick ky

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  1. The city receives a portion of the occupational tax collected in Whitley County, but Knox County has refused to give Corbin a part of the tax collected there.

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