Hogwarts hybrid

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As early as the first book, Hermione clearly values bravery over intelligence: Nor is the rest of the world, thank goodness.

Hogwarts hybrid

As early as the first book, Hermione clearly values bravery over intelligence: The only real exception to this might be Gryffindor, if only because since most of the main characters are in Gryffindor, we clearly see the widest range of personalities from that one House.

Hogwarts hybrid

Hogwarts hybrid

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  1. Gryffindor is the star of the books, since almost all the lead characters are in that house, and Slytherin invariably takes the role of villain.

    In addition to the meta focused just on analyzing the Houses and better ways to understand them, SHC also has taken on sorting characters from canons as assorted as The Chronicles of Narnia to Veronica Mars.

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