Hook up webcam to iphone

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The last downside is that you can only use it with webcams attached to your computer not IP cameras. The video connection is established and the iPad automatically makes the front-facing camera available as a webcam.

Hook up webcam to iphone

Users should only pay for filters that they could apply, or more recording features like slow mo. Still, I've updated this review 3 times and yet can't use the front camera, so I think that's a bit of a scam they have going.

Hook up webcam to iphone

Hook up webcam to iphone

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    Also, if I can only use certain types of cameras for this task, what do I need to look for in the specs to make sure I get a compatible camera? Well, it starts ok, but moments after the Mac finds the virtual webcam on my iPad, the image displays for maybe 2 seconds and then the iPad app crashes - every time!

    All in all though a good free webcam.

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