How tall is gerard butler

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I think somebody would have to understand just how intensely I trained for this film. I wanted very much to be famous. After graduating from his University, Butler got a job as a trainee lawyer at a law firm in Edinburgh.

How tall is gerard butler

She took him to an audition for Steven Berkoff 's play of Coriolanus. And now that I'm actually happier, I don't have to show it.

How tall is gerard butler

How tall is gerard butler

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  1. The filming schedules of the two films overlapped. Gerard Butler in his childhood The boy had not seen his father until he turned 16 when his dad called him to set up a meeting in a Glasgow restaurant.

    I Love You, his first film after , he played Irishman Gerry, who entertained his wife by performing a striptease in a pair of boxers and braces Gerard also stripped off in front of Jennifer Aniston in comedy The Bounty Hunter, when he emerged out of the bathroom wearing just a towel.

    How cool is that.

    I didn't really belong in there.

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