How to create emotional intimacy

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These gestures make us feel cared for, not just desired. Have your blinders on. After all, we run the risk of rejection when we expose our innermost thoughts and feelings.

How to create emotional intimacy

She is a founding member and board member of the Connecticut Chapter of Postpartum Support International. In terms of investment, you want to be a Triple A bond, not a penny stock.

How to create emotional intimacy

How to create emotional intimacy

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  1. For many women, it is difficult to hop into bed without some sort of verbal foreplay.

    For all I know, he was tucking his grandmother into bed. What are some of the ways you can build and reinforce the emotional bond with your partner?

    Give each other the freedom to explore something alone. When you reunite, it will be hot!

    Be visibly immune to attention from others. When you find yourselves laughing together, take a moment to express:

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