How to deactivate itunes music

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Turn off Automatic Renewal, then tap Turn Off. Go through the steps to manage your subscription for your device and make sure you have a Family subscription. It will revoke the authorizations from all authorized computers, allowing you to start authorizing computers from scratch.

How to deactivate itunes music

Your computer will then be able to download, sync, and play your purchased iTunes content. Under Subscriptions, choose Manage Subscriptions. Authorization systems were once fairly common — for example, witness the authorization limit in the old SecuROM system for PC games or the activation limit that can be built into Windows Media audio and video files.

How to deactivate itunes music

How to deactivate itunes music

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  1. If you received an email about a subscription or Apple Music charge and you're not sure if it's real, check to make sure that it's a legitimate email from Apple.

    From here, you can click the Deauthorize All button next to Computer Authorizations.

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