How to end an erection

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Put both of your hands in your pockets so as not to arouse suspicion, and gently hold the erection close to your body, trying not to move so as to tame your member into timidity. If the erection was triggered by someone or something in the room, it might be difficult to end it until you leave the room.

How to end an erection

Some people find meditation difficult when they first try it, but there are meditation classes and apps that may help. The different types of erection include:

How to end an erection

How to end an erection

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  1. This condition is known as priapism. Fast fact Erections without orgasm can sometimes lead to epididymal hypertension EH , also known colloquially as blue balls.

    When you're at the restroom, wash cold water on your face or do jumping jacks if no one else is there. Gentle exercise Some men find gentle exercise can help get rid of an erection.

    When you walk, your body is forced to pump blood to your limbs in order to get them moving.

    Otherwise, you may simply draw added attention to the area you're trying to conceal. The following may help:

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