How to give the perfect kiss

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First time kissing her? Look her in the eyes then scan her entire face.

How to give the perfect kiss

Make that connection, allowing the emotions to stir. You can look at her while you do this and slowly move in. Just be in tune with your partner.

How to give the perfect kiss

How to give the perfect kiss

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    Lean in to her forehead and then stop You can rest for a second on her forehead, or even lightly brush your nose against hers, but still DO NOT kiss. You can touch her neck, shoulders, wrap your arms around her waist, touch her back, stroke her hair, but handle with care.

    Gently hold the sides of her neck The neck offers many erogenous zones and gently, whilst subtly, engaging them will result in her extending her neck back and bringing her head up to yours. How do you even think that would be good?

    People who say it will ruin the mood are full of shit.

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